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 iron oxide pigment

What Do you Know About 

Iron oxide pigments are chemical compounds derived from iron and oxygen. They are produced through various methods, including the oxidation of iron salts or by heating iron compounds such as ferrous sulfate or ferric hydroxide.

 iron oxide pigment

& Adjustment

The creation of iron oxide pigments is a refined process that involves dehydrating and calcining hydroxide precursors at high temperatures. The resulting pigment's hue is meticulously controlled by adjusting reaction conditions such as temperature, pH, and the addition of specific additives. This manipulation allows for a broad spectrum of colors to be achieved, ranging from red-orange to yellow, brown, black, and green. Each parameter influences the pigment's crystalline structure and surface properties, resulting in a palette of diverse and vibrant hues.


Special Raw

The synthesis of General iron oxide pigments entails a meticulously orchestrated chemical transformation commencing with the amalgamation of ferrous sulfate solution and sodium hydroxide solution. This amalgamation instigates a precipitative response, whereby the constituents react in concert, giving rise to a distinct precipitate, predominantly manifesting as green ferrous hydroxide. Subsequently, this nascent precipitate undergoes a transformative metamorphosis catalyzed by atmospheric oxygen or other efficacious oxidizing agents. This oxidative metamorphosis engenders the conversion of ferrous hydroxide into the sought-after ferric hydroxide, thus culminating in the formation of the desired General iron oxide pigments.


 iron oxide pigment


 iron oxide pigment


iron oxide pigment



Common iron oxide pigments are the traditional products developed by our company at early days. This series of products, with a full range, strong hiding power and color strength, good dispersion, temperature resistance, has been well received by numerous customers dealing in building materials, paints, rubber, plastic, ink, paper and other fields.

As an inorganic, non-toxic pig-ment,it is widely used as vthe colorant for many industries.

Characters & Features:

Excellent Tinting Strength;

Excellent Covering Capacity;

Excellent Dispersibility

Resistant To Acid, Alka-line, Heat Sun Light and water resistance 

Application: these products are widely used for the coloring of various cement , paving stones , concrete block ,roofing tiles , bricks ,coatings, paints, rubber and plastics .

Micronized grade pigments are produced by adding special dispersion agents and grinding to achieve a fine grade of powder with the equipment introduced from Germany. They are designed for the automatic transmission industry, accurate dosing system, formulated for high flowability and environmentally friendly.


Characteristic & Features:

Particle Size: less than 1 um;

Tinting Strength Enhanced 15-20%;

EXcellent Dispersibility;

Good Storing Stability;

Great Working Efficiency;


Suitable for all kinds of top-grade paints, coating, glass, plastics, rubber etc

Granular grade pigments are based on general iron oxide pigments by adding some special agents. They are designed for the automatic transmission industry, accurate dosing system, formulated for high flowability and environmentally friendly.


Characteristic & Features:


Particle diameter: around 1 mm;

High Flowability;

Low Dust;

Environmentally Friendly;


Suitable for paints, coating and coloring of construction.

Perfect for the automatic transmission system and accurate dosing system;

UV resistance-Non toxic-Human Friendly 

Iron oxide pigments offer numerous advantages and positive attributes across various industries. Firstly, they provide exceptional color stability, retaining their vibrancy and hue over time, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as UV radiation and extreme temperatures. This durability ensures long-lasting coloration in applications like paints, coatings, plastics, and concrete.

Furthermore, iron oxide pigments are chemically inert, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, making them safe for use in a wide range of applications, including those involving contact with humans, animals, and food products. Their inert nature also contributes to excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical stability, enhancing the longevity and performance of products they are incorporated into.

Easy to Use-Easy to Mix

Iron oxide pigments are easy to use and mix due to their fine particle size, chemical stability, and compatibility with binding agents. They disperse well in mediums like paints, coatings, plastics, and concrete, ensuring smooth mixing and even distribution. With excellent covering power, they require minimal pigment for desired colors, making them cost-effective. Additionally, their stability in formulations maintains color intensity over time, resisting UV radiation, chemical exposure, and environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting coloration and durability. Overall, these qualities make iron oxide pigments preferred choices for diverse coloring applications.

Natural and

Skin Friendly

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