The future direction of development of iron oxide black


As the iron oxide black pigment itself is non-toxic cha […]

As the iron oxide black pigment itself is non-toxic characteristics, the possibility of replacing toxic inorganic pigments, iron oxide pigments into the 21st century, still occupy a large pigment market. Iron oxide is still focused on the development of easy dispersion, heat resistance and a variety of functional products, such as: to meet the needs of the construction industry easily dispersed in the concrete slurry of iron oxide powder or slurry products, to meet the automotive industry and wood coloring transparent iron oxide Pulp products to overcome the shortcomings of fine transparent iron oxide dispersion difficult. Plastic industry, coil coating and powder coatings require heat-resistant iron oxide pigments to continue to develop the development of functional iron oxide pigments such as mica iron oxide black pigment (subordinate nuclear type), magnetic iron oxide, attached to other industry development Will expand the various functions of iron oxide varieties, iron oxide pigments of the refinement of products and the corresponding technology to further develop iron oxide pigments can be applied to higher demand occasions, this can increase the added value of iron oxide pigments. To maintain the quality of the original product is also the iron oxide industry should always pay attention to the field, only always focus on the field, only the consistent quality, in order to maintain long-term market share.


Our domestic iron oxide industry is a part of the global iron oxide industry, to enter the international market, with international standards, must work together to give full play to the industry's collective strength, the future of the iron oxide industry is beautiful, but long way to go, so that China's iron oxide Industry to continue to grow and develop.

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