Iron oxide red and iron oxide black heat resistance


In general use, the heat resistance of iron oxide red i […]

In general use, the heat resistance of iron oxide red is not a problem, but the general iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black and iron brown contain crystal water (iron yellow), FeO (iron black) and crystal water (iron brown). ), it starts to be dehydrated or oxidized at 1 770C to cause discoloration, so it cannot be used in plastic, rubber and baking coatings that need to be processed at higher temperatures.


The heat-resistant grade iron oxide series is synthesized through interfacial chemical reactions through dispersants, powder pigments, etc. Compared with ordinary iron oxide pigments, it has several advantages in the application process


1. Excellent anti-flocculation performance, easy to disperse, improve the stability of dispersion;  


2. Good weather fastness, used in coatings, can improve the gloss of the coating film, and the color changes with temperature more stable;  


3. Super chemical resistance, the acid and alkali resistance of the product is improved


Fourth, the superior heat resistance makes the powder particles in a relatively stable state at high temperature, making the product have a wider range of applications.


Heat-resistant iron oxide pigments are especially suitable for automotive OEM coatings, automotive repair paints, coil coatings, industrial coatings, various color pastes and high-gloss opalescent paints, plastics, and ceramic bodies.

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