China 's iron oxide industry in the first half of 2016 development trend


With the national population dividend continued to decl […]

With the national population dividend continued to decline, the global economic weakness continued, all walks of life are faced with unprecedented economic winter. In the domestic market, all walks of life are faced with a serious situation of overcapacity, and overcapacity caused the entire industry waste of resources. In today's new normal and global economic downturn, one of the fine chemical industry, iron oxide industry is also facing more problems.


The first half of the iron oxide industry operating transcripts is the economic operation was stable to stabilize the trend, stable and good, stable in the new, but also stable and difficult, steady worry.


Industry in recent years in the technological innovation, structural adjustment, the new normal development driven by the post-financial crisis hit, in the market factors change, the global economic recovery is weak, China's economic growth slowed down in the environment, most enterprises Of the economic benefits tend to lower edge of the situation, the iron oxide industry growth rate is relatively stable, the first half of 2016 industry-wide economic output of 289,000 tons, sales of 1.888 billion yuan, sales of 294,000 tons, of which exports 164,000 Ton, the export value of 164 million US dollars, the total profits and taxes 3.3804 billion yuan, an increase of -3.67%, - 1.26%, - 7.55%, 5.12%, 38.63%, - 1.26%.


Since the beginning of this year, the weak global demand has not improved, the world economy continues to slow growth trend, the situation is still complex, global trade continued shrinking situation, lack of market demand, the current business is facing the main dilemma. The domestic economy into the development of the new normal, the overall economic smooth operation, but the downward pressure is increasing, in recent years, China's many factors of production costs continue to rise, high business costs, some industries and orders outward transfer. In the first half of 2016, the total import and export volume of China's goods trade was 11.13 trillion yuan, down by 3.3% over the same period of last year. Among them, the export of 6.4 trillion yuan, down 2.1%; imports 4.73 trillion yuan, down 4.7%; trade surplus of 1.67 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.9% in the first half of weak import and export, the second half of the trend can be expected to increase. Iron oxide industry In the current economic environment, the first half of the import and export situation continues to stabilize the trend, is expected in the second half of foreign trade and exports have new progress, trend down can be expected to enhance.


From 2010 to the end of 2015 iron oxide industry has 32 enterprises due to local regional economic restructuring or environmental protection or other factors have been discontinued or transferred to other products and shut down, reducing production capacity of about 255,000 tons / year. During the first half of 2016 to the third quarter of this year, part of the iron oxide industry in the technical transformation of the postganglionic or by the regional power outages and environmental protection rectification and other shutdown factors, held in September Hangzhou G20 summit Jiangsu and Zhejiang region part Enterprises limited production and other effects, these parts of the region and the difficulties of enterprises, the first half of the impact of 4 to 5 million t / a reduction in production.


"Difficult, mainly reflected in the two levels", from the external environment, the world economic recovery is less than expected, trade downturn, foreign trade export uncertainty factors are increasing. In terms of internal, China's economy is in the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the critical stage, adjust the pain in the ongoing, iron oxide real economy is still more difficult, more difficult problems are increasing, the economic downward pressure is increasing.


2016 years 1 to 6 months to complete the economic indicators data

Project unit 2016 January-June last year 15/14 growth%

Production capacity 10,000 tons / year 75 80 -----

Capacity tons / year · Factory 7500 8000 ------

Production capacity tons of 28.9 30-3.67

Sales income billion yuan 18.78 19.02-1.26

Sales volume 10,000 tons 29.4 31.8-7.55

Production and sales rate% 101.73 98.4 3.38

Domestic sales million tons 13.0 16.5-21.2

Inventory million tons 1.0 2.0-50.0

Export volume 10,000 tons 16.4 15.6 5.12

The amount of HK $ 100 million 1.64 1.183 38.63

Export price US $ / tonne 1000.02 1050.7-4.82

Import tons of tons 9.50 9.969-4.7

Imported $ 100 million 0.50 0.40 13.23

Import price US $ / tonne 525.7 498.84 5.38


During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the development direction of the domestic iron oxide industry in the planning report of the recommendations of a detailed analysis, "thirteen five" period, iron oxide pigments enterprises should do a good job, "green cleaner production, To ensure environmental protection and safety "two bottom line. To attach great importance to and strictly enforce the "history of the most stringent" environmental law and the forthcoming "inorganic pigment industrial pollutant discharge standards", "iron oxide pigment unit product energy consumption limit" of the two standards. With the environmental protection, safety, cleaner production gradually become more stringent, iron oxide pigments enterprises to organize emissions of environmental protection, the industry's many mainstream companies are stepping up capital investment, production equipment and environmental protection equipment to upgrade the relevant work measures.


Enterprises focus on environmental protection should be concentrated in two aspects: First, in the "three wastes" comprehensive utilization of the continuous development of new technologies and new technology. For example, the recovery of high-concentration wastewater, the use of traditional and conventional methods in the past, but also began to use multi-effect evaporation technology to solve the problem of high concentration of wastewater recycling; the second is in the clean production efforts, by digestion and digestion Advanced technology to enhance the level of clean production. 13th Five-Year period to speed up the new process of environmental protection, new technology in the industry to promote the speed.


These structural reforms will provide a better and more comprehensive reform initiative for the "production capacity" and "supply side" of the iron oxide industry, under the five major tasks of the country's "three to one drop". "To inventory" the key, not only to solve the total problem, but the structural problems. If the structural problems are not resolved, even if the total appears more obvious decline, the risk is difficult to avoid. The total amount is a problem, the structure is another problem. On the structure, mainly in two aspects: First, the imbalance between the structure of the region, the second is the product industry structure is not balanced; is the "inventory" of the key, on the one hand, some areas of the stock and demand Coordination, the gap between inventory and demand is very large, a short period of time simply can not digest; the other hand, some areas have yet to be the development and upgrading of enterprises, there may still continue to increase inventory. Although iron oxide is not as much as titanium dioxide, but does not mean that the structure is reasonable. Unreasonable structure, is the biggest risk of the current market. In the study of iron oxide "de-stocking" work, the total amount can not be reduced as a measure and analysis of the "inventory" effect of the main indicators, but should focus on the structure and risk of inventory.


Looking forward to the 2016 outlook, the development of iron oxide industry has entered a depth adjustment period from the scale expansion period. The international and domestic economic growth is basically hopeless, and the production capacity will remain at the existing level. The cost and demand support will continue to weaken and the overall interests of the enterprise will be Cut, the price of dry low volatility trend.


In the first half of the economic stabilization, thanks to the chemical industry, including iron oxide industry, including, in the supply side of the structural reform, "to production, to inventory, to leverage, pay the cost, make up short board," the five tasks on the hard, For a long time for the tenacity of hard work and legislation legislation legislation legislation, the immediate vicious.


Industry associations to do a good job adapt to the new situation, based on new needs, the pursuit of new development, down to earth to promote and promote the development of industry reform and stability of the work, to achieve higher quality, more fair and sustainable development, business services, Serve the government, serve the community. Promote the safe development of iron oxide industry, green development, innovation and development, harmonious development, sustainable development make a positive contribution.


Iron oxide industry, "the first half," the results for the completion of the annual economic mission to lay a good foundation for the goal, but also for us to continue to promote the supply side of the structural reform, iron oxide industry to achieve economic restructuring and upgrading to provide confidence. Faced with the international and domestic complex situation, the first half of the iron oxide economy to produce steady growth, steady response, it should be said is not easy. We will continue to unswervingly push forward the structural reform of the supply side, vigorously promote the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and actively cultivate new economic growth point, strengthen the new development momentum, urging the economy to continue to sound good.

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